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Appointment Scheduling

To make it easy for everyone, we have several ways to schedule an appointment. 

  • For appointments with Russ Bailiff

    • IF YOU ARE A NEW CLIENT: Call us at 903-284-5095 or email us at so we can connect you with the proper services and therapist. Once you are in our system, you can start scheduling appointments online.

    • CURRENT CLIENTS: If you have already had your first appointment, please click HERE to go to our online scheduling system and pick a time that works for you. If none of those times work, give us a call at 903-284-5095 and we will schedule an appointment with you over the phone.

    • FORENSIC SERVICES: If you reaching out concerning a forensic case (e.g., therapeutic family mediation, substance abuse or risk assessments, or are seeking to retain our services for court-related purposes, feel free to call us at 903-284-5095, or email us at and we will be happy to assist you.

  • For appointments with Morgan Priddy​

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