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Individual, Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling Services are available during select times during the week. To see Russ' availability click here.

Crisis Intervention services are provided to attorneys clients that may be suspected of immediate self-harm risk, need trauma stabilization, or are in need of a quick response screening due to a trauma incurred.


Anger Management and Domestic Violence Counseling may be provided in coordination with court orders and attorney referrals. In most instances, a minimum of 8 session hours must be completed.


Substance Abuse Counseling is available in response to a DWI or positive drug test infraction. This intervention commonly addresses factors identified in a SASSI or psychosocial assessment.


Sexual Deviancy Treatment is available for persons under a court order to receive sex offender treatment from a licensed sex offender treatment provider.


Sex Offender Chaperone Training is available for persons approved by a court, probation or parole officer to supervise contact between an offender and a designated party.


Coparenting services are available to disunioned parents that have agreed to participate in a therapeutic process for purposes of learning to care for a child or children while minimizing adult conflict.This typically requires a combination of joint meetings among parents as well as individualized meetings with each party. As an adjunct to this service I can also provide parent coordination services whenever a need exists for court ordered parent plan development and coordination.


DWI & Substance Abuse Screening is provided through a two-pronged approach employing both a SASSI assessment and psychosocial to clarify the degree to which a substance abuse disorder may be present. Follow up recommendations are communicated to legal counsel with the intent of bringing the matter to a functional resolution as efficiently as possible.


Mental Health Evaluations are commonly conducted in the format of either a psychosocial or psychosexual assessment in order to look at the combined factors that psychological and social factors may have on an individual’s physical and mental wellness and general ability to function. When appropriate, more detailed information may be included such as police reports, victim statements, prior treatment records, school records, court interviews and empirically validated risk assessments.


Home Studies are conducted to assess the ways in which a parent or caregiver can contribute to the physical, emotional, and social development of children. Such reports commonly require more extensive background checks and interviews of various parties in order to give a thorough report.

Child and Adolescent Needs Assessments (CANS) are provided to children in the custody of DFPS in order to fulfill screening requirements and to clarify treatment needs for children entering foster care. Annual re-assessment services are also provided.

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